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  • 'laimingų Naujųjų metų' from vilnius, lithuania

    One of the smallest republics in the world happens to be nestled within it. At the riverbank in Užupis, as a welcome to the tiny republic, you'll find a famous mermaid sculpture While the rest of the world may only unofficially recognize the Republic of Užupis as its own country #vilnius #lithuiania #republicoflithuania #northeasterneurope #europe #unescoworldheritage #balticstate

  • girls just taiwanna have fun

    Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, which is officially known as the Republic of China (ROC). incident in which an anti-government uprising in Taiwan was violently suppressed by the Kuomintang-led Republic and tourist attraction, erected in memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic #taiwan #taipei #republicofchina #china #ROC #asia #eastasia #taipei101 #dintaifung #moderntoilet #beitouhotsprings

  • cancellations, cancellations and more cancellations

    10th May: Bulgaria Road Trip, with a stopover in London 16th - 25th May: Germany, Austria and Czech Republic

  • tbilisi, georgia

    If you tire of Georgian cuisine, fill up on pasta at Republic Rooftop, at almost any time of day or night

  • 20 years of new year's celebrations around the globe

    gastropub, in the historic village of Repton (which was basically Hogwarts). 2010-2011: Prague, Czech Republic

  • i’m not china be funny!

    Know Before You Go: The visa process for The People’s Republic of China can be a bit confusing and I