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  • corfu, greece & saranda, albania

    trips and re-booked a version of a replacement holiday that lead me to the distant shores of Greece and Albania From Corfu, we did a day trip to Saranda, Albania (AKA the Albanian Riviera) . *Fun fact: Albania is an hour behind Greece, so when you take this vessel, you arrive before you left After arriving into Albania, we got some breakfast at Bar Restaurant Limani, in the Saranda promenade #corfu #greece #ioniansea #corfutown #benitses #albania #saranda #blueeye #albanianriveria #ksamil #lëkursicastle

  • 2021 travels

    I flew to Corfu, Greece for a week-long get-away with three girlfriends, inclusive of a day-trip to Albania unitedstatesofamerica #newington #connecticut #boston #massachusetts #corfu #greece #paxos #anitpaxos #saranda #albania

  • cancellations, cancellations and more cancellations

    hire companies, restaurants and airport transfers, for the following trips: 13th - 15th March: Tirana, Albania

  • mini, but mighty, montenegro

    you walk about 5 km, at the right time of year (April - early June is ideal), towards the border of Albania About 70% of it lies in Montenegro and the remaining 30% in Albania.

  • 2020 'travels'

    The Albanian Prime Minster shut all clubs and restaurants, as an outbreak precaution, two days before

  • travel partnerability

    to whatever comes your way, whether it's shots of putrid-smelling yak-butter tea or an offer for an Albanian

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