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  • austria, slovenia & slovakia road trip

    Well-developed motorways, clear signage and Right-hand driving all allow for easy travel within Austria all the stunning landscapes, magnificent mountain passes, spectacular lakes and beautiful towns that Austria Toll in Austria refers to a motorway vignette that is displayed on the inside windshield of your vehicle At the end of the long day, we drove 40 minutes back into Austria, to Worthersee. You can buy it at a gas station in either Austria or Slovenia. It was €15 for 7 days.

  • 2014 travels

    I have now officially lived on three continents: United States, Australia and Europe. in Hotels - 50 All Countries Visited in 2014: Cambodia Thailand United States Nicaragua Israel Italy Austria yearintravel #travel #countries #continents #cambodia #thailand #unitedstates #nicaragua #israel #italy #austria

  • cancellations, cancellations and more cancellations

    : Leeds, UK 5th - 10th May: Bulgaria Road Trip, with a stopover in London 16th - 25th May: Germany, Austria

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  • tiny green shoe sightings | tiny green shoes

    cup, san francisco, ca, usa arctic circle, grimsey island, iceland big corn island, nicaragua uluru, australia western wall, jerusalem, israel trondheim pier, norway tuscany, italy valletta, malta zell am see, austria

  • footprints | tiny green shoes

    7) belize costa rica el salvador guatemala honduras nicaragua panama europe (37/44) albania andorra austria maldives mauritius seychelles north america (3/3) canada mexico united states pacific ocean (2/15) australia

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