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  • scars are souvenirs you don’t want but can't always avoid

    Firstly, let me set the record straight…I did not extend my Brazil trip in order to undergo plastic surgery In actuality, around 4am, on 6th May 2017, with only 13 hours remaining in my 16-day Peru/Brazil trip By the time the 23rd of May rolled around, I was finally deemed fit to leave Brazil. months since I left London and all I had with me was the carry-on bag that I had packed for my Peru/Brazil #accident #automobileaccident #hospital #brazil #brasil #riodejaneiro #travelinsurance #usa

  • finding my first love in rio de janeiro!

    still distinctly remember the bar in Bocas del Toro, Panama, nine year ago, where I fell in love with a Brazilian One month prior to my trip to Brazil, I had a dream that I was in Rio and I bumped into him. The girls I was meeting up with (Pia and Victoria) had arrived in Brazil two days prior to me. We showered up there and then spent our morning eating acai and Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread I ended up spending another two weeks in Brazil…More on that in my next post… #riodejaneiro #brazil #

  • lisbon, portugal - part two

    The açaí particularly so, as it was served frozen, like they do in Brazil, with granola and fresh fruit

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