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  • the unexpected culinary delights of riga

    What comes to mind when you think of Riga? Probably not Latvian cuisine. As an added bonus, even the best restaurants in Riga serve food at reasonable prices. Peter's Church in Riga's old town, this casual sports bar is a nice place to rest your feet. The cost might be high by Latvian standards, but is reasonable in comparison to what you'd pay at comparable #riga #latvia #europe

  • cape verde: sea, sun, sand, sharks and salt, but 'no stress'

    Costa Rica's philosophy of 'pura vida' encompasses a free spirit and an appreciation of life's simple Cape Verde was not included in my mobile plan network, and cost an absolute fortune, so I only used it

  • luang prabang was anything but laos-y

    inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995, and is a perfect illustration of its country's rich It costs 20,000 KIP to enter (have cash). - The two Laotian dishes that I am now obsessed with are 1) The bite-sized coconut cakes, made with rice dish, flavored with things like lime, garlic, fish sauce, mint leaves, spring onion and ground toasted rice A taxi to the hotel took 12-minutes and cost 50,000 KIP.

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  • footprints | tiny green shoes

    and nevis st. lucia st. vincent and the grenadines trinidad and tobago central america (5/7) belize costa rica el salvador guatemala honduras nicaragua panama europe (36/44) albania andorra austria belarus

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