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  • croatia and bosnia road trip

    This colorful city in southern Croatia, with endless orange tile roofs juxtaposed against a stunning Soaking wet and happy, we then carried on driving to our final destination: Split, Croatia. It's worth noting that the food in both Croatia and Bosnia was incredible. But, if there’s one thing Croatia and Bosnia have absolutely mastered, it’s the placement of restaurants #croatia #dubrovnik #split #dalmatia #bosniaandherzegovina #mostar #blagajtekke #kravicefalls #starimost

  • 2016 travels

    Petra, defying gravity in the Dead Sea in Jordan, witnessing a sword fight in Estonia, touring coastal Croatia in Jordan, Fortress of Suomenlinna in Finland, Old Town of Tallin in Estonia, Old City Dubrovnik in Croatia , Split with the Palace of Diocletian in Croatia, Mostar Bridge in Bosnia, Historic Centre of San Gimignano portugal #floridakeys #islamorada #usa #jordan #petra #deadsea #helsinki #finland #tallin #estonia #croatia

  • 2018 travels

    was there on Sunday 15th July, which also happened to be the World Cup final (where France defeated Croatia

  • sidi bou säid, tunisia

    The village has become synonymous with art and creativity and its cobbled streets are lined with bohemian

  • las fallas in valencia, spain

    today often depict famous people and/or critique current affairs, with a good dose of humor, satire and creativity

  • unexpected athens

    I stumbled upon Thes "Greek creative cuisine", in search for lunch, and it was a great find!

  • the unexpected culinary delights of riga

    Daytime: Go to Biblioteka No 1 for Instagrammable decor, views of Vērmane Park, impeccable service, creative

  • from the vineyard to the glass

    Gallands - The perfect food to enjoy with a glass of Sancerre is the locally made creamy cheese known as Crottin

  • tbilisi, georgia

    It's a vibrant place full of young hipsters, creativity and good vibes.

  • month in madeira, portugal

    The cuisine was fresh, delicious and creative.

  • my first pandemic-era flight

    It was time to start thinking creatively.

  • winning the budget airline baggage battle

    experienced a toiletry explosion incident (that’s the excuse that I always use, but feel free to be creative

  • 2021 travels

    In a creative attempt to service those passengers missing travel, whilst recouping revenue from lack

  • 2020 'travels'

    Tik Tok piqued the world's creativity (before becoming controversial and banned in several countries)

  • keeping up with the københavneres

    , the sunset was phenomenal, the wine was excellent, the Scottish waiter was adorable, the food was creative

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