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  • weekending in lyon, france

    Despite being France's third-largest city (behind Paris and Marseille), contestably the country's culinary #lyon #france #europe #auvergnerhônealpesregion #rhôneriver #saôneriver #olympiquelyonnais #groupamastadium

  • côte d'azur, france

    I visited the South of France at the end of April, which was right on the cusp of the low and high seasons My southern France mini tour began in Cannes, a sleek and glittery pleasure garden for the world’s wealthy most chic set of heels and stroll along Boulevard de la Croisette, one of the most iconic streets in France #cotedazur #cannes #nice #antibes #frenchriviera #southoffrance #southernfrance #mediterranean #france

  • from the vineyard to the glass

    charcuterie, cheese and charm pretty much sum up the wine-tasting tour that took me through some of France's Bordeaux's production of world-famous fine wines with its exceptional gastronomy and it becomes evident why France's the same architect as Versailles, this 17th century castle is one of the most beautiful buildings in France CHABLIS Chablis is the northernmost wine district of the Burgundy region in France. #bordeaux #saintemilion #beaujolais #sancerre #chablis #paris #france #wine #winetasting #frenchwine

  • 2022 travels

    Just four days after returning from Italy, I traipsed down to the South of France to meet up with a friend usa #naples #maimi #staugustine #northamerica #puglia #italy #southoffrance #cannes #antibes #nice #france

  • 2018 travels

    The final stop on my Basque Country tour landed me in the elegant seaside town of Biarritz, France. I was there on Sunday 15th July, which also happened to be the World Cup final (where France defeated tuscany #chianti #moscow #saintpetersburg #stpetersburg #russia #pamplona #spain #sansebastian #biarritz #france

  • lunch in liechtenstein

    For 3 Swiss franc (or €2.75), I was able to buy a passport stamp. It was 15 Swiss francs to ride and took about 10 minutes to reach the top, climbing another 400-odd meters

  • 2015 travels

    sauzed39oulx #amsterdam #netherlands #geneva #switzerland #connecticut #usa #dublin #ireland #annecy #france

  • kent get enough road trippin'

    sunbathing, so we drove 35-mins to Broadstairs to visit its sweeping sandy beaches which felt borrowed from France

  • 2016 travels

    kravicefalls #menorca #spain #amalficoast #ravello #capri #positano #malaga #dusseldorf #germany #paris #france

  • the grand duchy of luxembourg

    This landlocked country is surrounded by Germany, France and Brussels.

  • "viva san fermín!, gora san fermin!"

    I highly recommend that you tack a visit to San Sebastian, Spain and/or Biarrtz, France on to your trip

  • two days in the city with two names

    As France withdrew its forces, the country was divided into northern and southern regions.

  • 2020 'travels'

    about enough time to unpack, re-load my suitcase and sleep a couple of hours before I schlepped back to Franz Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, India and Canada issued temporary bans on flights from the UK.

  • 23 years of new year's celebrations around the globe

    At night we warmed up by dancing and toasting to 2007. 2007-2008: San Francisco, California.

  • lon-done and dusted

    apartment keys on my housemate's desk, closed the door behind me and said good-bye to my life in San Francisco faded to black as I helped myself to several large glasses of wine in the United Club lounge at San Francisco's going back west first, but I still hadn't received my UK work visa (which was being delivered to San Francisco

  • majestic malta

    Ta' Frenc, Gozo - Award winning. de Mondion in The Xara Palace, Mdina - Amazing food and spectacular

  • 2017 travels

    I was a bridesmaid in a wedding in Malibu, California, but worked in San Francisco the week beforehand

  • 2014 travels

    First and foremost, I moved from San Francisco to London (after three solid years of begging my company

  • moving from the us to the uk?

    On August 27, 2014 I made the transition from San Francisco to London. my credit cards and at all my banks to their address and also had my mail forwarded there, from San Francisco

  • austria, slovenia & slovakia road trip

    The bachelor was a Kiwi who just recently relocated from London to San Francisco. Small world.

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