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  • six-month bavarianniversary

    It was a bureaucratically challenging start in Germany's third largest city, but I persevered and now It's not always terribly accurate, but it is a helpful tool, if you apply a bit of logic. 2) Germany Roughly 80% of all transactions in Germany are still settled using cold hard cash. on the honor system, with random ticket inspections to catch fare dodgers. 5) Freedom of Movement: Germany #munich #münchen #bavaria #bayern #germany #deutschland #europe #googletranslate

  • oktoberfest: beer there, done that

    Oktoberfest, which locals call Wiesn, is the world's largest beer festival, held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany During this three-ish week festival, Germans and tourists alike dress in their finest tracht (lederhosen #oktoberfest #munich #germany #bavaria #beer #europe

  • the road from london to münchen was paved with red tape

    As a US citizen, I can visit Germany for up to 90-days, visa-free, but in order to live/work, a residence I could have legally entered Germany as a tourist, and then gotten my visa after arrival, but I wouldn't FYI, in Germany, you also get your social security/insurance number through your healthcare provider. Had my work iPhone XR unlocked so that I could get an eSIM in Germany, which, in theory, would allow #munich #bavaria #germany #german #europe #visa #residencepermit #eubluecard #bluecard #bureaucracy #

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  • photos | tiny green shoes

    bristol, uk parc del laberint d'horta, barcelona, spain park güell, barcelona, spain law library, munich, germany marienplatz, munich, germany lisbon, portugal townhall square, vilnius, lithuania statue of liberty, new york city, ny, usa dom berliner, berlin, germany bai tu long bay, vietnam 1/13

  • footprints | tiny green shoes

    belarus belgium bosnia and herzegovina bulgaria croatia cyprus czechia denmark estonia finland france germany

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