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  • iceland road trip

    Seljalandsfoss: This waterfall is situated in the south region of Iceland. Skógafoss: This is one of the biggest falls in Iceland. Grimsey Island: This island is about 40km north of the mainland, and is the only part of Iceland that Below are a few tips and pointers for a road trip in Iceland: Everyone speaks English and the Icelandic #iceland

  • grímsey island and the arctic circle

    A top requirement of mine, during the planning phase of my recent Iceland adventure, was to set foot The only inhabited territory of Iceland within the Arctic Circle is a very small island called Grímsey calligrapher and airport security - was the only person whom we came in contact with in our short time on the island #arcticcircle #iceland #grimseyisland #akureyi

  • unwinding in beautiful barbados

    Although this independent British Commonwealth island nation is not technically part of the Caribbean James area of the island. I was upgraded to a spacious suite surrounded by lush tropical scenery. ACTIVITIES There probably were many things to do and see on the island, but I mainly spent my week relaxing Pier One Restaurant - A full-service bar and restaurant set on a man-made island at the Port St. /off quick rain showers, but mostly it was perfection Service & Tipping: Restaurants tend to run on island

  • northern ireland road trip

    Stunning coastal roads and charming country lanes make Northern Ireland a perfect location for a road of planks and wires, suspended 100ft above the sea, crossed a 66ft chasm between mainland Northern Ireland and the small fishing island of Carrick. On a clear day, from Carrick, Rathlin Island and Scotland can be seen. unitedkingdom #europe #roadtrip #giantscauseway #carrickarederockbridge #darkhedges #gameofthrones #ireland

  • cancellations, cancellations and more cancellations

    Albania 20th - 27th March: London, UK 2nd - 6th April: Georgia & Armenia 10th - 13th April: Reykjavik, Iceland

  • 2015 travels

    belgium #italy #sauzed39oulx #amsterdam #netherlands #geneva #switzerland #connecticut #usa #dublin #ireland #annecy #france #ibiza #sardinia #scotland #champagne #massachusetts #zurich #copenhagen #denmark #iceland

  • aurora hunting in norway

    After somehow missing the Aurora Borealis every night on a 10-day road trip around Iceland, it became Also cool to see was an islet we nicknamed Execution Island. The real name was Munkholmen Island (but that was harder to say and less fun to sing). On Thursday, we disembarked in Honningsvåg, on the island of Magerøya, which is the northernmost city

  • perusing peru

    making this annual family trip numero tres (links for recaps of the previous two can be found here: Iceland The final day of our trip was spent touring the Ballestas Islands and then Paracas National Reserve before Paracas National Reserve stretches over 827,803 acres, 35% of which comprises dry land and islands, and

  • 2021 travels

    the green list that could be visited from the UK, without quarantining on either end: Gibraltar and Iceland The UK's second traffic light review took place this week, adding Malta, Madeira, the Balearic Islands and a swathe of Caribbean islands to the quarantine-free travel register (although most that were added On Boxing Day, I flew to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, Spain. The highlight of this island was by far Popcorn Beach, where the 'sand' was actually small white, algae

  • what’s in your travel toiletry kit? avoid checking luggage with these travel hacks!

    At the moment I am using a starter size cream that I got at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

  • 2020 'travels'

    My trip to Iceland for the Easter break had been cancelled, but, as a fitting Easter treat, I got to since some airlines were jerks (not to name specific names, but I'm talking about you Lufthansa and Icelandair

  • 2022 travels

    JANUARY I managed to completely switch off during my winter break in the Canary Islands. The island was truly stunning, with its old-world charm, excellent gastronomy and adventurous spirit! Leaving politics behind, myself and eight family members met in Ireland to watch my cousin cross the #boston #massachusetts #newington #connecticut #newyorkcity #newyork #nashville #tennessee #dublin #ireland

  • italy road trip

    embarked on our second annual European road trip, where we spent 10 days touring Italy (last year's Iceland It’s on an island in the middle of Lake Como and has the same prix fixe menu each night.

  • 2018 travels

    country in the world (by GDP) with a 1.5% unemployment rate Later on in September, I visited Northern Ireland africa #sal #vaduz #malbun #stockhom #boston #USA #UnitedStatesofAmerica #italy #stpetersburg #worldcup #ireland

  • 2017 travels

    Inca ruins, we went white water rafting, flew over the Nasca Lines and sailed around the Ballestas Islands Lastly, I got to see my aunt, uncle and one of my best friends at the shore on Long Beach Island, New machupicchu #nascalines #bellestasislands #brazil #riodejaneiro #sugarloaf #christtheredeemer #dublin #ireland

  • where has the time gone?

    Great Britain (GB): The United Kingdom (officially The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ) is comprised of four separate nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In the Olympics, all four countries compete together as Team Great Britain (even though Northern Ireland In Rugby, England, Wales and Scotland each compete as their own separate nations, but Northern Ireland and Ireland contend together and are collectively called Ireland.

  • moving from the us to the uk?

    Know the Basics - Great Britain is the name of the island on which England, Scotland and Wales are situated The UK (United Kingdom) consists of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

  • treasure map to tranquility

    This is the actual map that hotels hand out when you arrive on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua. The whole island only takes about 40 minutes to drive around (going top speed - about 15 mph). After succeeding in finding all the bars on the islands, we spent the rest of our hours sunning ourselves It was impossible not to feel relaxed on this deserted and beautiful island! If you're planning a trip to the Corn Islands, you may find this link helpful.

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