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  • 3 world wonders in 13 days

    Logistically speaking, my 13-day India/UAE/Egypt trip was executed nearly flawlessly. It is also another of India’s 27 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Spending time in India was an eye-opening experience. It’ll get filthy when it arrives in India otherwise. #egypt #cairo #dubai #uae #unitedarabemirates #pyramids #middleeast #africa #agra #indiatajmahal #india

  • 23 years of new year's celebrations around the globe

    we took to the streets of Malta's capital to watch the display of pyrotechnics. 2016-2017: Kerala, India #capetown #southafrica #africa #kohphiphi #thailand #asia #madrid #spain #valletta #malta #kerela #india

  • oman and bahrain

    such, but rather an eclectic mix of traditional Middle Eastern fare enhanced with foreign spices from India

  • 2017 travels

    started the year strong with visits to six countries, on three continents, all within January's 31 days: India yearinreview #yearintravel #travels #UNESCOworldheritagesites #northamerica #europe #asia #usa #connecticut #india

  • 2016 travels

    (twice), taking illegal photos at the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City and visiting the Taj Mahal in India cinqueterre #lucca #borgoamozzano #devil39sbridge #lakecomo #sangimignano #newyorkcity #connecticut #india

  • 2021 travels

    coronavirus deaths and the fifth nation in the world to hit that six figure mark (following in USA, Brazil, India Pennsylvania's most famous groundhog emerged from his burrow and saw his shadow, indicating six more The COVID variant causing the current deadly surge in India was elevated from a 'variant of interest' The spread of the Indian COVID variant caused concerns around whether or not the final milestone in England's 10 (13th June): As speculated, concerns around the spread of the Delta variant (first identified in India

  • 2020 'travels'

    Additionally, I received an email from the hotel I had booked indicating that they were 'closing for Cheeky monkeys in India stole COVID-positive blood samples and ate them. The bulk of CV activity was now concentrated in USA, Brazil and India. Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, India and Canada issued temporary bans on flights from the UK.

  • instant asia

    Its diversity (mainly Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian) makes it a nation richly varied in heritage

  • monkeying around in indonesia

    beachfront accommodations, with meticulously landscaped grounds, set against white sands bordering the Indian Broken Beach, this beautiful rockpool is a natural infinity pool that sits between rocky cliffs and the Indian

  • a glimpse into my mind as i'm sat on a plane

    Who is responsible for selecting Indian food as a cuisine choice on a long-haul flight?

  • lisbon, portugal - part two

    Below is a handy interactive map of the tram's path, indicating points of interest.

  • travel partnerability

    don't change rooms three times, you'll take an overnight bus if you must, you can go without meat in India

  • lon-done and dusted

    I then noticed a sign indicating to 'dial 999 in case of emergency'. In my five-year UK stint, I visited 45 countries, across five continents (indicated in green on the map

  • six-month bavarianniversary

    Step foot on the street before that crossing indication and you can expect to be receive (what I assume

  • kenya & tanzania

    You may not receive an email indicating that your visa has been approved, so keep checking the portal

  • moroccan overland odyssey

    They don't indicate unless they actually aren't turning. They stop in the middle of roundabouts.

  • aurora hunting in norway

    On this 134-hour journey up the Norwegian coast, we stopped at all of the ports indicated below, traversed

  • the road from london to münchen was paved with red tape

    *Fun (and weird) fact - If you indicate that you are any sort of religion on the application, your monthly

  • grímsey island and the arctic circle

    In a speech, which I’m sure she repeats daily, it was indicated that the Arctic Circle monument was about

  • where has the time gone?

    On the site it was indicated to be 20x15x2cm.

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