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  • munching in mexico city

    Based on my consumption, below are my recommendations for a delicious culinary journey through Mexico In 2019, she was appointed as food advisor to Mexico's President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. La Gruta - If you find yourself in Mexico State (about 45-mins outside of Mexico City), by the UNESCO Altitude: Mexico City sits at an elevation of 2240m. #mexicocity #mexico #cdmx #ciudaddemexico #northamerica

  • 2023 travels

    My 24th consecutive New Year's Eve away was spent munching my way through in Mexico City, Mexico with southeastasia #athens #greece #bucharest #romania #newyork #newyorkcity #europe #barbados #caribbean #mexicocity #mexico

  • 24 years of new year's celebrations around the globe

    though, all the major hotels put on elaborate black-tie bashes, so the Westerners can party. 2023- 2024: Mexico City, Mexico.

  • world cup in russia

    Mexico and Belgium vs.

  • 2021 travels

    and the fifth nation in the world to hit that six figure mark (following in USA, Brazil, India and Mexico's

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