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  • 20 years of new year's celebrations around the globe

    For the past twenty years, I have spent New Year's Eve in a different city - the last ten of those, in Moving slightly south from Canada, but sticking to North America, the first half of my USA New Year's It was a white New Year's Eve. There was skiing and broomball in the daytime. In Kochi, Kerela, the Cochin Carnival takes place for ten days, ending on New Year's Day. Cheers to a new year, all...And too many more New Year's celebrations around the globe!

  • the unexpected culinary delights of riga

    If you fancy a mid-day New Zealand sauvignon blanc, hit up Kiwi Bar. Situated under St.

  • new year's eve in madrid

    I recently returned from a short trip to Madrid, which spanned over New Year's Eve and New Year's Day It’s grilled until it has a golden crust and then served with wafers and a touch of molasses. 4) New People in Spain typically celebrate New Year’s with their families, at home, so the restaurant wasn’t midnight, Spaniards have a tradition of eating 12 grapes, one in each of the first 12 seconds of the New

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  • footprints | tiny green shoes

    united states pacific ocean (2/15) australia east timor fiji kiribati marshall islands micronesia nauru new zealand palau papua new guinea samoa solomon islands tonga tuvalu vanuatu middle east (3/13) bahrain

  • photos | tiny green shoes

    marienplatz, munich, germany lisbon, portugal townhall square, vilnius, lithuania statue of liberty, new

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