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  • 2014 travels

    Continents Visited – 3 Nights in Hotels - 50 All Countries Visited in 2014: Cambodia Thailand United States Nicaragua #2014 #yearinreview #yearintravel #travel #countries #continents #cambodia #thailand #unitedstates #nicaragua

  • braving hurricane felix

    On September 4th, Felix made landfall just south of the border, between Nicaragua and Honduras.

  • treasure map to tranquility

    This is the actual map that hotels hand out when you arrive on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua. we wanted to stop, we'd just pull over to the side of the road, park the cart, grab a Toña (a local Nicaraguan We were so tranquil and disconnected, that we didn't even know that Nicaragua experienced two big earthquakes Here are some other tidbits that you may also find handy: There is a $10 entrance fee when you land in Nicaragua anywhere on the island Cabs will pick up other passengers while you're already in the car #bigcornisland #nicaragua

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