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  • perusing peru

    various types of surgeries, dental care, prosthetic and rehabilitative services to the people of Lima, Peru STAR PERU never had any intention of ever making that journey from Cusco to Pisco. Peru uses both continental European outlets as well as North America plugs in most hotels. The pisco sour is Peru’s national drink. Three-quarters of the world’s alpacas live in Peru. #peru #lima #southamerica #cuzco #machupicchu #pisco #paracas

  • 2017 travels

    I began in Peru, with the parentals. MAY After ten days of hiking and almost fully abstaining from alcohol in Peru, I was feeling quite svelt TOTALS: 27 out of ~46 European countries (the total depends on the list you’re using) 68 countries per netherlands #italy #florence #UK #oslo #norway #wales #london #sanfrancisco #malibu #california #venice #peru

  • finding my first love in rio de janeiro!

    Fast forward to Monday, 1st May, when I arrived in Rio, after a 10-day tour of Peru with my parents. I was grinning from ear-to-ear and talking a million miles per minute, trying to explain to David (but

  • scars are souvenirs you don’t want but can't always avoid

    In actuality, around 4am, on 6th May 2017, with only 13 hours remaining in my 16-day Peru/Brazil trip At this point I was off the pain killers entirely and just taking Ibuprofen a few times per day. three months since I left London and all I had with me was the carry-on bag that I had packed for my Peru

  • from the vineyard to the glass

    Stay: I highly recommend booking Le Logis St Pere for your accommodation.

  • monkeying around in indonesia

    NUSA DUA This area of Bali is perfect for families, honeymooners and travelers who want to enjoy the perks

  • turkey today; türkiye tomorrow

    wind and other weather conditions created the valleys, canyons and the unique rock formations called ‘Peri It did close five times per day though, during prayer times.

  • lon-done and dusted

    rent-controlled NYC apartment, before all filing out into the hallway, headed to get one last coffee at Central Perk

  • 2021 travels

    But, competition was heating up as seven mass vaccination centers began administering shots, 12-hours per quarantine in government designated hotels (arrangements to be made in advance), at a cost of £1,750 per APRIL So far, the UK was still on track to open the economy and society per the roadmap laid out in February Everyone in England, from 9th April, was given access to two rapid coronavirus tests per week, to help All the eating outdoors, hand washing and being germ conscious turned out to be a perk.

  • luang prabang was anything but laos-y

    There are also many lovely cafes to pop in and shops to peruse.

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