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  • 2019 travels

    Kiev was a pleasant city to visit for a weekend, but the real draw of Ukraine was Chernobyl. The weekend after the Ukraine was spent in Mallorca, which was my 12th trip to Spain, in five years. lymington #hampshire #isleofwight #unitedkingdom #uk #britain #england #sandiego #california #kiev #ukraine

  • nuclear hipster

    Since the debut of the show, Ukrainian tour companies have reported a 30-40 percent surge in bookings As we passed by the last remaining statue of Vladimir Lenin in the Ukraine, we were reminded, once again a city frozen in time. 1,320 monuments to the Bolshevik leader have been dismantled, following the Ukraine's passport on the tour; it is compulsory Pack insect repellent in the summer months The currency is the Ukrainian If you want to use a drone in the Exclusion Zone, prior permission should be requested #kiev #kyiv #ukraine

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