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  • 2019 travels

    After quickly passing through BKK, I went on to meet a friend in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for a couple It was 34°C (93°F) in Vietnam and then only 4°C (39°F) in Riga, Latvia, when I landed, two days after I decided to go with some girlfriends to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Laos and back to Vietnam (north this time easterneurope #naples #florida #bangkok #thailand #bkk #asia #southeastasia #hochiminhcity #saigon #vietnam

  • don't get hanoi'd by my vietnopsis

    TU LONG BAY - Dotted with jagged limestone islands, surrounded by emerald sea, Halong Bay is one of Vietnam's Don't drink the tap water in Vietnam. Strictly bottled water only. Vietnamese Dong comes in denominations ranging from 200 to 500,000. Violent crime is rare in Vietnam, but snatch-and-grabs/pick-pocketing does happen, so be vigilant. #hanoi #vietnam #northvietnam #halongbay #baitulongbay #trainstreet #asia #southeastasia #redriver #grab

  • hong kong left me wonton more

    *CHOM CHOM: Located in Hong Kong's Soho district, this is a great choice for Vietnamese fare, inspired

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  • photos | tiny green shoes

    vilnius, lithuania statue of liberty, new york cit, usa dom berliner, berlin, germany bai tu long bay, vietnam bai tu long bay, vietnam train street, hanoi, vietnam kuang si falls, luang prabang, laos manda de laos

  • footprints | tiny green shoes

    (burma) nepal pakistan philippines singapore sri lanka tajikistan thailand turkmenistan uzbekistan vietnam

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