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  • day trip to armenia

    be interesting to spend a day seeing what there is to see in Armenia. Currency exchange: Armenia uses the Armenian dram (AMD), a different currency to their neighbors using Language: I did not find English to be widely used in Armenia. After lunch, we started our tour of Lake Sevan - the Jewel of Armenia. On the same day I visited Armenia, 16th July 2022, Foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan met for

  • cancellations, cancellations and more cancellations

    trips: 13th - 15th March: Tirana, Albania 20th - 27th March: London, UK 2nd - 6th April: Georgia & Armenia

  • 2020 'travels'

    I was supposed to have been exploring Georgia & Armenia over the weekend, but the flights were cancelled

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  • photos | tiny green shoes

    tanzania lake manyara, tanzania valea morilor park, chișinău, moldova tbilisi, georgia sevan lake, armenia

  • footprints | tiny green shoes

    south africa south sudan sudan tanzania togo tunisia uganda zambia zimbabwe asia (13 /30) afghanistan armenia

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