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  • budapest baths

    I had the pleasure of visiting Budapest, Hungary at the end of December. options and it was all a bit daunting, as you can see here (note the prices listed here are actually Hungarian When we asked, the girl just pointed to a sign (that was in Hungarian). I said, ‘Thank you! It was 1,400 Hungarian Fortin for two towels, with an 8,900 deposit. It had to be paid in cash. #budapest #hungary #europe #thermalbaths #tips #geothermal

  • 2014 travels

    United States Nicaragua Israel Italy Austria Slovenia Slovakia United Kingdom Spain Switzerland Germany Hungary #nicaragua #israel #italy #austria #slovenia #slovakia #unitedkingdom #spain #switzerland #germany #hungary

  • côte d'azur, france

    If you're feeling hungry and you want to carry on the party from day into night, into day again, book

  • the grand duchy of luxembourg

    If you're still feeling hungry, you're in luck because the Grand Duchy is a city fit for foodies.

  • my first pandemic-era flight

    difficult to eat/drink with a mask on, and I didn't want to remove it, so I opted to be dehydrated and hungry

  • grεεcε

    Greece was an incredible visual and edible feast of a destination, but it left us hungry for more.

  • moroccan overland odyssey

    Sandy and hungry, we returned, post-sunset, to the glamping site for dinner and some entertainment (which

  • 3 world wonders in 13 days

    I was exhausted, hungry and all the relics were starting to look the same, so I asked to be driven back

  • eating my way through tel aviv

    It’s a good spot to go for lunch, if you get hungry whilst sunning yourself.

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