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  • stockholm underground art tour

    by Anders Aberg and Karl Olov Bjork, depicts the depopulation and destruction of the environment in Sweden #stockholm #sweden #metro #subway #tunnelbana #tcentralen #kungsträdgårdsgatan #rådhuset #solnacentrum

  • world cup in russia

    Sweden match. Of all the matches in the 2018 World Cup, Switzerland-Sweden was probably one of the most boring. This meant that Sweden would confront England in the quarterfinals. ADDENDUM: Two days after returning home to London, I watched Sweden play England in the quarterfinals England surprised me by beating Sweden and advancing to the semi-finals.

  • 2018 travels

    FEBRUARY I collected two new passport stamps in February: Luxembourg and Sweden. The Sweden versus Switzerland match that I had tickets to was probably one of the most boring matches Nations country list) 6 of 7 continents (only Antarctica remains) #yearinreview #yearintravel #2018 #sweden

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