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beautifully unique restaurants

Traveling is about more than just seeing new places; it’s about expanding your culinary canvas, tasting flavors and experiencing cultures, one dish at a time.

There are restaurants all over the world successfully combining palate and palette.

In no particular order, below is my shortlist for eateries that are as beautiful and memorable as they are mouth-watering.

Manda de Laos in Luang Prabang, Laos - Dine day or night, surrounded by a UNESCO-classified lotus pond. You'll feel immersed in a tropical fairy-tale. The Laotian family cuisine is as delectable as the ambience, making this a truly special spot.

La Plongeoir in Nice, France - This restaurant, situated on two pillars of rock, occupies an iconic location in the French Riviera. Enjoy fresh, locally-sourced, gourmet, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine whilst perched six meters above the sea.

Grotto Palazzese in Polignano A Mare, Puglia, Italy - An exclusive, magical and enchanted space located within a natural cave, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Although the food wasn't as good as it should have been for the price, the wine, live saxophone and cliffside atmosphere made up for it.

Amante in Ibiza, Spain - This three-tiered hideaway haven captures the essence of Ibiza, with a modern, natural decor and dramatic views of Sol d'en Serra bay and Formentera. The award-winning kitchen produces exquisite food and the cocktails are amongst the best on the island.

QP Bistro in St. James, Barbados - Nestled along the idyllic and picturesque West Coast of Barbados, this restaurant boasts magnificent views and lots of hanging plants. Go here to indulge in the perfect blend of gastronomy, Caribbean delights and live entertainment. Good food, good vibes.


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