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soulcycle hates small feet

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Have you heard of SoulCycle - the newest fitness phenomenon sweeping the East and West coasts of America? It seems like everyone has been talking about it lately. It's becoming almost cult-like in major US cities like New York and San Francisco. People are fighting to get into classes each week.

From what I understand, SoulCycle has put a new 'spin' on indoor cycling (Get it? A new SPIN. Ha!). The classes deliver 45 minutes of fun, exciting and challenging full-body cardio exercise. "Inexplicably invigorating" people say.

I couldn't actually tell you any of this from experience, however, since I am unable to participate. SoulCycle (and the cycling industry in general) seem to hate people with small feet! Discriminators!

As part of the $33 experience, you rent special cycling shoes that clip into the stationary SoulCycle bikes. Of course the smallest size that SoulCycle carries is a 5 (and from what I hear they run about a half size big). I can fit into a women’s size 4, at times, but only if the shoes run small. I'm actually more likely to need a children's size 2 or 2.5.

SoulCycle does allow you to use your own shoes, but the clips have to be compatible. I searched the web and had a very difficult time finding any children's road cycling shoes at all, let alone ones compatible with SoulCycle's bikes.

So, I called SoulCycle. They said my two options are to try to fit into a size 5 (i.e. wear multiple pairs of socks?) or bring my own shoes with me. They didn't know where to buy such small sized cycling shoes, but suggested a bike shop or online. They did note that I am unable to ride if I don't have shoes that clip into the pedals.

Just thought I'd share another example of my feet keeping me from partaking in the activities of normal sized humans.


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