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victoria falls murder

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Victoria Falls (aka The Smoke That Thunders) is a waterfall that stradles the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is the second largest waterfall, by width and height, rivaled only by Iguazu Falls in South America. It's worth seeing Victoria Falls from both sides (Zambia and Zimbabwe) as each provides unique views and opportunities.

The trip started off by visiting the Zambian side. If you ever go you MUST do a Livingstone Island Tour. Here you have the opportunity to walk along the top of the falls and swim dangerously close to edge, in the Devil's Pool.

After playing around in Zambia for a few days, we crossed overland into Zimbabwe. It was as seamless and easy as any border crossing could be. The entrance to Victoria Falls is immediately after you enter the country and the city is super walkable (although you might meet some warthogs along the side of the road).

We checked into our hotel (Rainbow Hotel - I know, I know, but it was slim pickings so close to Christmas) and went straight to the Falls. On this side, you can dangle your feet over the edge. You get sprayed by the mist and the views/photo ops are stunning.

After we got our fill of waterfalls, we walked to the Victoria Falls Hotel for high tea. Sitting on the terrace, we had beautiful views of the falls' mist, while we enjoyed our tea, snacks and cocktails.

After a brief but powerful rain storm, we decided to head back to our hotel to dry off before getting another drink. The door to our room stuck a little, so I had to somewhat aggressively kicked it open (with my tiny, but mighty, feet). In doing so, I overturned and smooshed a frog that had apparently snuck in the gap between the ground and the bottom of the door. In my haste to get dry clothes on, I didn't even notice the frog. I just kept on walking into the room, unaware. It was not until my friend pointed it out to me that I turned around and saw that I had murdered a frog in cold blood.

We later drank a bottle of wine called 'Splattered Toad' in Kermit's honor.


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