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  • oman and bahrain

    After Oman, it was on to Bahrain... BAHRAIN The Kingdom of Bahrain (AKA the pearl of the Arabian Gulf) is located in one of the world’s chief Bahrain was really just a long stopover on my journey. I spent about 28-hours there in total. Brits can visit Oman for up to 14-days without a visa, but do require an e-visa for Bahrain. Bahrain has Uber.

  • moroccan overland odyssey

    We dodged mopeds, admired colors, savored scents, bargained for tchotchkes and watched tortoises for

  • i’m not china be funny!

    Bargaining is expected and encouraged.

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  • photos | tiny green shoes

    beaujolais, france madeira, portugal formentera, spain sidi bou said, tunisia reef island, manama, bahrain

  • footprints | tiny green shoes

    nauru new zealand palau papua new guinea samoa solomon islands tonga tuvalu vanuatu middle east (5/13) bahrain

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