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  • world cup in russia

    2018 presented me with a unique travel opportunity to combine my fascination with Russia and my desire Due to heightened political tensions between the UK and Russia and the violence between Russian and English There we had stunning views of Russia's most iconic building, (Saint Basil's Cathedral). Know Before You Go: Russia was generally affordable. Tipping was not as customary in Russia as in the U.S., but it was always appreciated.

  • day trip to armenia

    People obviously speak Armenian, but also, Russian is common. It was helpful to have a guide with us who could speak English and Russian and could communicate on our The most recent conflict ended with Russia brokering a ceasefire agreement under which Armenia ceded

  • 2018 travels

    At the tail-end of the month, I jaunted over to Moscow, Russia for a bit of exploration and World Cup Basil's Cathedral in person was surreal, but watching Russia beat Spain, in penalties, in the round of Five days after returning from the Russian Federation, I headed on a tour around Basque Country. montecarlo #newyorkcity #newyork #lisbon #florence #tuscany #chianti #moscow #saintpetersburg #stpetersburg #russia

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