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5 things guaranteed to make you fall in love with the amalfi coast

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Perhaps romance was in the air because since trip was arranged around a wedding, but five days was all it took for me to fall in love with the Amalfi Coast. It's an enchanting place, with a stunning coastline and excellent food. I challenge you not to also give in to the magic of this place, especially if you tick off the below recommendations.

1. Accommodations: If you find yourself staying in Ravello, and price is inconsequential, I highly recommend the Belmond Hotel Caruso (pictured below). If Caruso is out of your price range, have a look at Villa Maria. If you prefer a more basic option, but still clean and comfortable, try Il Ducato Di Ravello. It’s just steps from the main piazza and the owner is very attentive. It doesn’t really matter where you stay in Ravello though; everything is quite close and walkable (as long as you don’t mind some steps).

2. Gardens: The Villa Cimbrone gardens in Ravello are a must see and are well worth the €7 entrance fee. If you haven’t gotten your fill of gardens after Cimbrone, make your way across town (about a 10-minute walk) to Villa Rufolo.

3. Yachtzee: Hire a boat and cruise the coastline, explore the grottoes (Emerald, Blue, White and Green), swim in the Mediterranean and visit Positano/Sorrento/Capri. We booked a private boat for 12 of us through Amalfi Boat Excursions. They made arranging the trip east, answered all my questions promptly, were incredibly flexible/accommodating with the booking and all the staff members were absolutely lovely! Not only was our captain knowledgeable and capable, he also served us snacks and drinks. We even stayed out at sea a whole extra hour, for no additional cost. Amalfi Boat Excursions also offers shared boat tours, if you’re after a more affordable option.

4. Guzzle: As with any trip to Italy, be sure to get your fill of Prosecco. It’s so good and generally quite inexpensive. You might also want to try some local limoncello (lemon liqueur). If you fancy some wine tasting, head to Wine & Drugs in Ravello. They will let you try everything in the shop, for free. Where they get you is if you make a purchase. Their wines are double, if not triple, what you would pay anywhere else.

5. Sustenance: Eat all things lemon –risotto, spaghetti, gelato, cake, jam, olive oil, etc. Amalfi Coast lemons are giant, have intense flavor and are higher in vitamin C than other lemons. You will find dishes that contain lemon in most Amalfi Coast restaurants, but the following are my recommendations: Cumpà Cosimo in Ravello is not much for ambiance, but the food is simple and excellent. If you make your way to Capri stop at Torre Saracena for fresh seafood and a beautiful view. Lastly, La Gavitella can be reached by boat from Positano. They will provide free water transportation if you call them in advance.


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