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  • easter break in helsinki and tallin

    So, while everyone else celebrated the start of Spring, I headed to Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia where kids were still wearing snowsuits the Gulf of Finland was frozen solid. after another full day in Tallinn, I got back on the ferry and crossed the (still semi-frozen) Gulf of Finland Noteworthy: Both Finland and Estonia use the Euro Everyone speaks English in both countries Finland is #easter #helsinki #finland #tallinn #oldtown #estonia #easterneurope #scandanavia #nordics

  • 2016 travels

    Sites Visited: 15 (Valletta in Malta, Sintra in Portugal, Petra in Jordan, Fortress of Suomenlinna in Finland asia #malta #lisbon #sintra #portugal #floridakeys #islamorada #usa #jordan #petra #deadsea #helsinki #finland

  • grímsey island and the arctic circle

    The only inhabited territory of Iceland within the Arctic Circle is a very small island called Grímsey It’s about 40km north of the mainland and is only 5.3 square kms in size. calligrapher and airport security - was the only person whom we came in contact with in our short time on the island

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  • footprints | tiny green shoes

    andorra austria belarus belgium bosnia and herzegovina bulgaria croatia cyprus czechia denmark estonia finland (3/3) canada mexico united states pacific ocean (2/15) australia east timor fiji kiribati marshall islands micronesia nauru new zealand palau papua new guinea samoa solomon islands tonga tuvalu vanuatu middle

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