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  • easter break in helsinki and tallin

    So, while everyone else celebrated the start of Spring, I headed to Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia where kids were still wearing snowsuits the Gulf of Finland was frozen solid. after another full day in Tallinn, I got back on the ferry and crossed the (still semi-frozen) Gulf of Finland Noteworthy: Both Finland and Estonia use the Euro Everyone speaks English in both countries Finland is #easter #helsinki #finland #tallinn #oldtown #estonia #easterneurope #scandanavia #nordics

  • 2016 travels

    Sites Visited: 15 (Valletta in Malta, Sintra in Portugal, Petra in Jordan, Fortress of Suomenlinna in Finland asia #malta #lisbon #sintra #portugal #floridakeys #islamorada #usa #jordan #petra #deadsea #helsinki #finland

  • grímsey island and the arctic circle

    The only inhabited territory of Iceland within the Arctic Circle is a very small island called Grímsey It’s about 40km north of the mainland and is only 5.3 square kms in size. calligrapher and airport security - was the only person whom we came in contact with in our short time on the island

  • northern ireland road trip

    bridge, constructed of planks and wires, suspended 100ft above the sea, crossed a 66ft chasm between mainland Northern Ireland and the small fishing island of Carrick. On a clear day, from Carrick, Rathlin Island and Scotland can be seen.

  • treasure map to tranquility

    This is the actual map that hotels hand out when you arrive on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua. The whole island only takes about 40 minutes to drive around (going top speed - about 15 mph). After succeeding in finding all the bars on the islands, we spent the rest of our hours sunning ourselves It was impossible not to feel relaxed on this deserted and beautiful island! If you're planning a trip to the Corn Islands, you may find this link helpful.

  • iceland road trip

    Grimsey Island: This island is about 40km north of the mainland, and is the only part of Iceland that

  • braving hurricane felix

    had formed from the docks, all the way down the beach, as people evacuated via water taxis, to the mainland We essentially had the island to ourselves! It was like a Corona commercial, perfectly peaceful. Just as people started to inhabit our island again, it was time for us to depart.

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